Monday, July 02, 2007

Parents without children?

My "Little Brother" were having this conversation about orphans. I asked him if he knew what an "orphan" was and, he responded: "A kid without parents". Immediately asking back "How do you call parents with out children? No wait that doesn't make sense..."

But I interruped him there and explained to him that Amanda and I are parents without children "here". Our priest has reminded us of that fact more than once. We are parents of two children. Event thought we never got to meet them. But we will, One day, when our time here is through.

I know many people people find this thought hard to swallow even though we get symphaty smiles and silence when we bring up the subject. But it is very true for Amanda and I. And my "little brother" had no problem accepting that. But that is because the world is so simple when you are 11.


Maybe the world should be that simple to start with.